Les Basses Berthieres has a supply of high quality boillies and pellet, these can be ordered up to 4 weeks before your holiday or while at LBB.

There are now 3 different flavours Caviar & cranberry 20mm, Kolanta ( coconut ) Vuelin ( fruity ) 20mm 

Boillies are in 3kg Bags


PELLET    3 EUROS KG    12mm

PELLET    25KG SACKS  50Euros

Also Available

POP UPS 15MM          7 Euros

WAFTERS                   7 Euros

C & C PASTE              7 Euros

If you require any different sizes please order 4 weeks before your holiday.

Equipment Hire

Bait boat                                              70 Euros per week for one person use

                                                            90 Euros per week for two person use

The boat should be returned in the same condition as when it was hired. Failure of this will result in an extra charge

Bed chairs                                            15  Euros per week


Landing nets and unhooking mats cradles are provided free of charge

Weighing sling provided


All orders must be paid for on arrival in Euros

I  recommend using this bait as it has caught more fish than other baits used on the water and the fish are fed on this  so know it as a natural food source

Freezer available for bait storage